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What makes me special.

Continuous learning

Be always modern in IT is an hard topic. But learning every day new stuff is what make my life.

Solution Oriented

The best way to learn thing is to practice them. Implement ideas and finding problem solutions is what makes my day.

Be Positive

Be Positive, is a life style that makes you a good man. Being positive with everything and everyone around you helps to live better and to tackle more easily the challanges


Tools already in my hands.


A Programming language is only the means to reach your goals!

Testing, Automation and Tools

My career as Test Automation Engineer as enricheda my knowledge with a lot of Automation Framework and QA Tools

IDE and More

Programming is easier thanks to those IDEs. I just learn some of them to be mor productive.


Web is my hobby and here I list some of the technologies that I like to play with in my free time



Frameworks and Other Tools

Framework and More tools not listed before that I learned during my IT life :-)


My Work History Line.

  • Be Part
    Of My

  • July 2014 - Present

    Credit Suisse AG (Test Enginner)

    Role: Test Engineer at Cognizant - (Zurich, Switzerland)
    Web: www.cognizant.com
    Client: Credit Suisse AG
    Main tasks: Test automation for Business Services, Web Services, REST and GUI. Design test cases and perform Regression test
    Programming & Tools: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Junit, CI on TeamCity, Test Management on Quality Center.

  • April 2014 - August 2014

    Google Summer of Code 2014

    Role: Software Developer/Test Engineer at Google Summer of Code 2014 - (Remote)
    Web: (Google-melange) - http://www.google-melange.com/, (DHIS2) - https://www.dhis2.org/
    Main tasks: Introduced automated testing for an Open – Source health management information system and data warehouse.
    Programming & Tools: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Thucydides, BDD, Phantom JS, CI, Cloud testing

  • March 2014 - July 2014


    Role: Software Developer/Tester at YouRehab (Internship) – (Schlieren, CH)
    Web: http://yourehab.com/
    Main tasks: Automate test cases, Reengineering of the software. Developed additional features”.
    Programming & Tools: Java, C#, Selenium WebDriver, Junit, HTML5, PHP, XPath, Ajax, JQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, Doctrine.

  • January 2009 - June 2009

    Università degli Studi di Salerno

    Role: IT Support at Università degli Studi di Salerno. (Part-Time) – (Salerno, Italy)

  • More details: Resume!


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Software/Test Engineer

With a Master degree in Software Engineer I am developing my career in the Quality Assurance world with the Test Automation as the main topic. Software development is still my hobby and everyday I always try to enrich my knowledge with something new and modern and apply those to the best ideas that comes in my mind.

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Feel free to contact me through the form below or mail me at: giancarb89@gmail.com .